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Warranty & Repair

Received a defective item
Report a article complaint
Repair Costs
Repair period


Received a defective item

In case you have received a defective item of its been broken within 14 days. Please report your complaint by telephone, by email or fill in our return notification (Note ; you must be logged in).
If possible, we will exchange the item directly.

Report an article complaint 

Complaint or defective item within the warranty period
If you report a complaint or a defective item, there will be checked if the warranty - as described in the  terms and conditions,- will apply.


If the complaint is justified, all costs (including call out charge and / or laborcosts) within the guarantee on behalf of Affordable HA Solutions.
If you have a complaint you may be referred to our service / help desk for faster processing.They often have the technical knowledge about the specific product and / or brand and are willing help you to resolve the complaint. Of course, we are responsible for the proper handling of the complaint.

In case of smaller problems you might find the solution in the manual of the article or on the website from the manufacturer or the brand. Don't you find a solution in the manual, Report you complaint bij  Telephone, by email or fill in our  Retun Notification (Note , you must be logged in for this) . For a quick handling it is advisable to have the original invoice.


Complaint or a defective item out of warranty
Even after the (factory) warranty you can have a complaint . You can reasonably expect that an item after a certain period and in normal use should operate, then we will repair or replace the product. In all cases, we monitor the rapid settlement of the complaint.
Sometimes, it is reasonable to pay a part of the costs. For example if you use the product for a long time in a normal way, and to repair it,you can use it longer. Or you have a product used for a long time and you get a new product. If it is reasonable to calculate a portion of the costs we will inform you in advance about it.

Report your complaint by Telephone or by email and you hear from us within 24 hours,what you can do best. For a quick handling we ask you to keep your invoice number ready.

Warranty period

Do you have an item purchased from us,and it is defective after a certain time? We follow by handling complaints obviously the dutch law and our  Terms and Conditions (according to the Dutch Home Shopping Orginazation). The charts shown below are without prejudice to the rights you have based on the law as a consumer.


At least 1 year warranty
Affordable HA Solutions provides you at least one year warranty on the items you buy from us. 
Manufacturer's Warranty
Affordable HA Solutions provides a standard 1 year warranty on all items you buy from us. Manufacturers often offer a warranty period of one year, the so-called manufactury warranty. The period and content of this manufacturer are - if any - in the manual of the product.

Repair costs

Within the Warranty

If the complaint is valid, all costs for the exchange or repair of items (including call out charge and / or laborcosts) within the guarantee on behalf of Affordable HA Solutions.

out of warranty
When repairs or swaps that fall outside the warranty, it is sometimes reasonable to pay (Part of) the costs , Are there any charges related to the resolution of the complaint article, we will inform you in advance about it.


Legitimate Complaints
The complaint is justified if it is not caused by: 

  • damage intentionally or negligently;
  • improper use or improper maintenance;
  • normal wear and tear;
  • damage by not correctly using the manual.

Repair Period

From the moment an item is with our repair service, it takes up to 21 days untill you have your product repaired at your home.
If the item can not be repaired, we will inform you about the further handling within that period.

All prices are calculated with 21% VAT.